Student-Centered Learning

A paradigm shift from the traditional methods to a student-centric environment was the motive that prompted St. Joseph’s College (Autonomous), Irinjalakauda in transferring the attention from traditional teaching to pure guidance that leads the students in finding their own potentials. We believe that a true educational system places the student at the core and all the other activities revolve around her providing myriad of paths for the aspirants to engage and choose from. Equipped with the latest technological innovation, the learner indulges in a pragmatic and interactive mode of learning that ensures practical utility of knowledge. This is proven to increase independence, confidence, critical thinking and problem-solving skills among the students. The college regularly conducts extension activities, workshops and other programs that direct rather than instruct the learner. Additionally, the well-equipped library with the plethora of offline and online reading materials provides an enriched and rewarding learning experience.

Student Centric Methods for Teaching & Learning