Zoology Lab

Zoology Lab

Zoology UG Lab

The UG Zoology Laboratory provides a suitable environment for understanding the basic concepts of various subject areas in B.Sc. Zoology programme. The laboratory offers facilities for gaining practical skills and knowledge by applying techniques and instruments for studying non-chordates and chordates, environmental biology, cell biology, biochemistry, microbiology, immunology, ethology, etc. The UG lab has, provisions for conducting dissections, dissection microscopes, hand lens, slides of various histological tissues and embryological stages, compound microscopes, stereomicroscope, centrifuge, haemoglobinometer, sphygmomanometer, weighing machine, water bath, autoclave, plankton net, etc.

Zoology PG Lab

The PG Zoology lab equips the students to get acquainted with the various instruments and techniques related to the curriculum of M.Sc. Zoology. This helps the students to get hands-on experience in using instruments and methodologies of the various techniques related to Biochemistry, Biophysics, Molecular Biology, Ecology, Developmental Biology and Immunology. These mainly include Dissection and Compound Microscopes, Weighing balance, Colorimeter, Micropipettes, Hemoglobinometer, Hot air Oven, 4?C Lab Refrigerator, Water bath, Histological tissues, and Fish specimens for taxonomic keys.

Bioinstrumentation Room

Equipments related to the practical and projects are set in the Bioinstrumentation room which includes Stereomicroscopes, Centrifuge, Incubator, UV Spectrophotometer, Slide warmer, pH meter, Microtome etc.

Human Genetics Lab

Human Genetics, being the Elective paper offered for the M. Sc. Zoology programme, the instruments related to the practicals of this paper are mainly set in this lab. This mainly includes LAF, Microwave oven, Deep freezer (-20?C), Micropipettes, 4 degree  Celsius Lab Refrigerator, Vortex Mixture, Autoclave and Incubator.

ii+OMICS Lab

The ii+OMICS Laboratory offers students an opportunity to gain knowledge in basic techniques in molecular biology and biotechnology for undergraduate students. The laboratory is equipped with horizontal and vertical electrophoresis units with power pack, micropipettes, pH meter, binocular compound microscopes, vortex mixture, cooling centrifuge, incubator, gel rocker, photocolorimeter, hotplate magnetic stirrer, vertical laminar airflow cabinet, 4 degree  Celsius Lab Refrigerator and digital analytical weighing balance.

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Published On: May 14, 2024Categories: Academic Facilities