Commemorative days

Going down the lane of history by commemorating days of national/international prominence is one of the best strategies employed by St. Joseph’s College (Autonomous), Irinjalakuda over the years to reinforce the institutional mission of creating a young generation of women with values.  Through this tradition of giving due importance to certain days and events, the college helps in instilling social and human values among our students that make them stand out of the crowd when it comes to fulfilling social commitments and becoming an icon of humanitarian values. Be it national days of prominence or specific days of international recognition, the institution sets the stage for celebrating the oneness among our diverse student community. Our students go through deep and clear excavation to explore the reminiscence of the peculiarities of the day for a complete understanding of the reasons behind the celebrations. This ensures that our students pay homage to the events of the past while they create moments to remember in the present.

Annual Commemorative Days Report