Green Initiatives

Education serves its best purpose when it can empower individuals with the knowledge of right from the wrong. As an educational institution, we focus on imparting an educational system that can help our students to decipher not just the right thing to do but also the best that they can do to safeguard their environment. It is rightly said that the environment and the economy are related and act as two sides of the same coin. If we cannot save our environment, we cannot save our economy. Therefore, in order to provide a worthwhile learning and growing environment for our students, we create opportunities where they can practise their environmental commitments through our AMPLE method of green initiatives of the college:

A- Add to the existing resources,

M- Maintain the existing resources,

P- Preserve the nature,

L- Lead by example and

E- Extract only the needful.

Supplementing this method, the college is involved in specific and meaningful environmental supportive activities that become a part of the academic schedule making it a habit more than a duty for our students. St. Joseph’s College is delighted and ever motivated to continue its green initiatives with the hopes of witnessing a greener and a better world for the upcoming generations to live in.

Beyond the campus environmental promotional activities

St Joseph’s College has always taken up a proactive role in initiating environmental promotional activities as an attempt to foster environmental awareness among the students. NSS, NCC, Alumnae and the various departments of the college are the key platforms through which countless programmes like Nature camps, awareness classes, exhibitions and national and international webinars are organized beyond the campus where the scholars are provided with unparalleled opportunities to rediscover and explore the nature around them.

Observance of International Days

The different departments of the college, along with NSS and NCC, has observed the World Environment Day each year by coordinating activities like planting saplings in the campus, nature walk, rallies, paper pen making, awareness campaigns and competitions like Power Point Presentation, Painting and Poster Making. Other days like Ozone Day, World Tigers Day, International Nature Conservation Day, Nagasaki day, Earth Day and Kisan Divas were also celebrated by organizing different activities that would instill a sense of duty to conserve the environment in the minds of the students.

Nature Camps and Visits

The institution organized numerous field visits and nature camps which are the most exciting and educating activities for the students. Department of Zoology has organized nature camps at Vazhachal and Vallakkadavu forest range which included trekking through the forest and bird watching. A nature friendly trip to Paniyeli Poru organized by the Reasearch Department of Commerce, Study trip to Bhoothathankettu by Department of Business Administration, Field visit and trekking programme to the forest area of Dhoni, Palakkad by Department of Microbiology and Forensic Science are other programmes that helped the students to be cognizant about the nature and develop an ecofriendly attitude.

New Initiatives

St Joseph’s college encourages novel initiatives by providing platforms to launch experimental projects. The startup programme, ‘Femella’- a biodegradable sanitary napkin, organized by the department of Zoology, ‘Poovukalku Punyakalam’ – an exhibition under the leadership of the department of Malayalam, ‘Green @Commerce’ – an initiative by the research Department of Commerce, an environment protection awareness project called ‘Haritham’ by the Alumnae Association are few among the many programmes initiated by the different departments of the college.

Together With the State and the Nation

St Joseph’s college hosted the inauguration of the Police Orchestra as a part of the agricultural promotion of the Haritha Keralam Misson, of Kerala government. As part of the project, NCC cadets of Joseph’s College, took part in the cleaning session of Irinjalakuda Municipal Bus Stand. They organised various activities under Swatch Bharath Mission and Swachtha Pakhwada launched by the Government of India. NCC Unit and Kerala Forest and Wildlife Department at Athirappilly Vazhachal region set an awareness campaign to teach students about the steps they should take to prevent forest fires from breaking out. NSS initiated the launch of Blue Army as a part of ‘Jalarasha Jeevaraksha’ water conservation project aiming the conservation of water by ensuring the participation of students from schools and Colleges in the Thrissur district.