ICT Facility

The institution uses ICT facilities for higher-order thinking skills. Information and Communication Technology being identified as the most efficient in this digital era  is put to use for evaluating, planning, monitoring, and supporting students life. They help the college as a support system to find solutions to the problems. Furthermore,  the institution makes sure that aid of ICT tools for students, promotes a more learner centric environment than ever before. Rather than fully disposing off conventional teaching methods or replacing them, the ICT tools like interactive whiteboards(IWBs), are integrated to the present teaching methods. Thus it enhances the traditional pedagogical learning system and makes it more efficient. St Josephs adopts a learner-centric ‘constructivist’ learning model supported by the ICT techniques and tools.

Interactive Panels

For the adavanced learning experience college management installed 26 interactive panels in classrooms and seminar halls. Main features cover

  • Chalk free classroom
  • Digital display for study materials and videos
  • Online class from resource persons outside the college
  • Class recording facility and sharing it on the spot using wifi
  • Centrally monitored display system

Android Smart Display

For easy access of e content, 25 smart android display  screens are installed in classrooms. Main features cover

  • Wifi connected smart display
  • Android gadget connectivity
  • Multimedia play options

Android Smart Display

An interactive smart board, also known as an electronic whiteboard, is a classroom tool that allows images from a computer screen to be displayed onto a classroom board using a digital projector. The teacher or a student can “interact” with the images directly on the screen using a tool or even a finger. All  most all departments use smart board from 2013 onwards for effective classroom teaching


Most of the classroom has the facility of projectors. Highlights  are

  • Easier Note Taking.
  • A better interactive learning experience.
  • Greater Teaching Versatility.
  • Easy to use
  • Better Use of Class Time.

Document Camera

A document camera allows teachers to capture an area of interest and use the content for pre-recorded videos and live presentations. Document cameras magnify objects and make them easier to see on a student’s mobile phone, a projector, and any computer that’s used to display the image.  It is very helpful for remote teaching and can be replaced for chalk board for large audience classroom.

Pen Digitalizer

Pen digitalizer enable teachers  to explain concepts visually, encourage collaboration, and support flipped and online learning programs.  For using digital boards effectively, pen digitalizer is used.  It is helpful for online teaching with ease of board work.


  • Online board work
  • Drawing diagrams and graphs online
  • For annotating

Learning Management System

Linways is a fully hosted cost effective and innovative learning management system which provides centralized and automated administration. It is a non-conventional method which supports collaborative learning, creating and delivering learning materials, generating reports, student notifications etc.


  • Admission management system includes application processing, rank list generation, online admission
  • Academic management system includes attendance marking, assignment handling, online test and quiz, e content sharing facility, internal mark generator, notification and messaging facility, leave manegment, subject planner
  • Fee management system includes admission fee processing, examination fee processing
  • Examination Management System includes Examination scheduling, internal and external mark entry, grace mark calculations, generating Autonomous examination marklist and consolidated marklist
  • Mobile application for easy access of attendence and time table

Learning Management System

Moodle is a Learning  course management system (CMS)


  • Flexibility to offer diverse areas of learning through open platform
  • Teacher has freedom to enroll students and manage the course
  • Students from other institution can also join the course on demand
  • Easy to conduct exams and assessment
  • Discussion forums for doubt clearance

Google Workspace for Education: Teaching Learning Upgrade

For easy  handling of data and communication, Google workspace for education with teaching learning upgrade has been using in the college effectively since 2018 onwards. Major features cover

  • Google drive for file documentation and central data collection using docs, sheet, slides, forms
  • Google meet for online class, Official meeting , Parent teacher meeting , National/International talks and seminars etc
  • Google calender for scheduling academic activities and examination related dates
  • Youtube for e- content sharing
  • Google photos for sharing college activity pictures
  • Google classroom for extension activities and certificate course management

Question bank system

Autonomy in the examination system enables us to prepare question banks during the entire semester and generate question papers of high quality which is based on blooms taxonomy.


  • Setting question paper based on entire syllabus
  • CO mapped question paper generation
  • Setting question paper based on bloom’s taxonomy
  • Question bank setting according to syllabus change
  • Generating question paper any time required
  • Privilage setting for HoD and Examiner

OBE Solutions

New generation education gives more focus on outcome based education. Mere final result won’t give a clear analysis of outcome achieved by the student in specific areas. OBE solution helps to assess the attainment of outcomes at different levels and provide a variety of insightful reports


  • Direct co mapped question paper integration
  • Option to assess students outside external evalution
  • Helpful to set goals and plan the curriculum accordingly
  • hels teaachers to find area to give more concentration
  • Helps to analyise individual student and a class outcome
  • Provides different types of reports which include progression of student in blooms hirarchy, target attainment of each course, targent attanment of a batch etc

Mentoring and Counselling Application

Student mentoring is an inevitable part of educational system. For increase connectivity between mentor and mentee, St. joseph’s college introduced mentoring app for the use of both student and teacher.


  • Easy enrollment of mentees and mentor
  • easy to record student details of each mentoring sessions
  • Option to book session with mentor or mentee
  • Helpful for taking right measure for heling the mentee to progress in academics and cocurricular activities


eLibrary is a comprehensive digital learning solution to empower learners across all disciplines.
They can now access their course books as per their convenience, from anywhere, on any device. St. Joseph’s College provides access to some valjuable online books which is highly useful for interdiciplinery learning.


  • Students can saves books of their choics
  • Search annotations, quizzes, topics, key words
  • Option to add book marks

  • Option to create an annotation
  • Option to clip voice notes
  • Option to set flash cards