Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)

Social work originates from humanitarian ideals and democratic philosophy and has universal application to meet human needs arising from personal, societal interactions and to develop human potential. Its primary mission is to enhance human well being and help meet the basic human needs of all people, with particular attention to the needs and empowerment of people who are vulnerable, oppressed, and living in poverty. The profession focuses on individual well being in a social context and the well being of the society. It also devotes great attention to the environmental forces that create, contribute to, and address problems in living.

Professional social workers are dedicated to service for the welfare and self realization of human beings, the disciplined use of scientific knowledge regarding human and societal behavior, to the development of resources to meet individual, group and community needs and to the achievement of social justice.

The BSW programme aims at imparting the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for the practice of this profession. The curriculum is designed so as to help the students to acquire these through a combination of theoretical inputs and practice opportunities spreads over six semesters. It also has an interdisciplinary content and has drawn from the disciplines of sociology, psychology and anthropology.

Programme Objectives

  • To equip students with knowledge, values, and skills required for basic level social work practice and entry to and success in post graduate programmes.
  • To sensitize the learners about the contemporary socio—economic and cultural realities through class room and field based learning.
  • To impart training in interdisciplinary domains to help students to effectively practice social work.
  • To develop understanding and integration of social work theories and practice.
  • To provide opportunities to students to serve in social work settings so that they learn to work with diverse groups.
  • To train the students to become effective change agents in their practice settings.
Core Courses
BSW1 B 01Introduction to Social Work
BSW 2 B 02Fields of Social Work
BSW 3 B 03Introduction to Social Case Work
BSW 3 B 04Introduction to Social Group Work
BSW4 B 05Introduction to Community Organisation and Social Action
BSW 4 B 06Field Work- Community (P)
BSW5 B 07Social Work Administration
BSW 5 B 08Rural and Urban Community Development
BSW 5 B 09Social Work Research and Statistics
BSW 5 B 10Gandhian Philosophy and Social Work
BSW 6 B 11Project Planning and Management for Social Work
BSW 6 B 12Legal Information for Social Workers
BSW 6 B 13Community Health and Health Care Services
BSW 6 B 14Field Work
Complementary I- Sociology
SO1 C0 1Principles of Sociology
SO2 C02Indian Society
SO4 C05Economic Sociology
SO4 C06Basics of Social Anthropology
Complementary II- Psychology
PSY 1 C05Psychological Processes-I
PSY 2 C05Psychological Processes-II
PSY 3 C06Life Span Development
PSY3 C05Abnormal Psychology

During the V Semester, one Open Course is offered to the students of other departments.
BSW5 D 02Essential Legal Information
During the VI Semester one Elective Course is offered for BSW Programme.
BSW 6 E 01 - Gender and Development


 2016 Admission onwards 

2017 Admission onwards

2018 Admission onwards

UG-BSW-2020 Admission onwards

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Master of Social Work (MSW)

The department offers a full time Post Graduate Degree in Social Work with specializing viz Medical and Psychiatric Social Work and Rural and Urban Community Development.  The curriculum and the academic activities are totally devoted to the principles enshrined in the vision and mission of the institution and the development. The department offers two years Masters Degree in Social Work which follows the curriculum designed by the academic council and approved by the Board of Studies. The course follows the curriculum goals and objectives framed for each semester. The curriculum is designed into two major sections viz. theory and field practicum.

The Procedure for Selection

Qualifying StandardsWeightage in Percentage
50% Aggregate in the Graduation Level50% Total Entrance Procedure
CET50% Aggregate in the Graduation LevelLogical Reasoning =40
English Language= 40
General knowledge=20
G. D
P. I
15 percent
15 percent
15 percent

The allotted strength of the department is twenty and present staff student ratio is 1:8.The department selects prospective candidates by assessing their performance standards in G. D and P. I and the Performance in their qualifying exams.

Curriculum Structure

 The Department follows semester system in the course structure. The theory papers carry over by 90 working days per Semester and field practicum shall be covered on 240 hours per semester. The department prepares annual academic calendar for both theory and practicum. The curriculum is being planned to implement in semester system. Theory of each semester is followed by concurrent field work, placements at different reputed International and National organizations. In the end of last semester the students usually get placed into various social work settings. The department allots 4 days as class hours for theory and 2 days for concurrent field work practicum irrespective of all semesters.


2018 Admission 

PG-MSW-Admission 2019 

2020 Admission 

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Certificate Course In Counseling


Duration : 1 Year

Status : Part Time

Admission : UG Students

Course Description:The department offers a Certificate Course In Counselling for the UG students of the institution. Counselling skills are useful for anyone who has a personal or professional interest in increasing their knowledge and experience of active listening through self-awareness and personal development. These skills are beneficial to a wide spectrum of people and professions. Those who work in voluntary organisations, correctional settings, religious organizations, teachers, social workers, and many other professions are aided with counselling skills to carry out their various roles in effective ways.

Course Credits

  • 30 Teaching sessions
  • Examination – at the end of the course ( 75% attendance is compulsory)

Areas of Counselling

The course focuses on,

  • Crisis Counselling
  • Pre Marital Counselling
  • School Counseling
  • De addiction counselling
  • Family Counselling
  • Vocational Counselling etc..


Any UG student from St.Joseph’s College, Irinjalakuda can apply for the course.


The faculty comprises of professionals and experts in the fields of guidance and counselling in psychology, counselling centers, legal counselors having rich experience.

Certificate Course In Life Skill


Duration : 6 Months

Status : Part Time

Admission : BSW 3rd Sem Students

Course Description: Life skills education is a structured programme which initiates participatory learning that aims to enhance positive and adaptive behaviour by facilitating individuals to develop and practice psycho-social skills and function effectively in social environment. The course is essential in terms of minimizing risk, maximizing preventive factors and optimizing protective aspects of an individual.

Life Skills based education is essential to enable an individual to cope with difficulties in day-to-day life by learning to make informed decisions, solving problems, thinking creatively and critically, building healthy relationships through effective communication and further deal with risk situations. The specialization is well designed to introduce the student to the concept of Life Skills, Skills required to handle Psycho-Socio problems of youth and adolescent care and counseling. The department offers a CERTIFICATE COURSE IN Life Skill for the BSW second year students of the department.

Certificate Course In Media And Social Work


Duration : 6 Months (32 Hours)

Status : Part Time

Course Description: Social media’s role in social workers’ personal and professional lives has been hotly debated in the past few years. Social workers can use social media to keep in touch with service users, not just with other professionals. Social media is a “great forum” for sharing ideas. By keeping the importance of media the department was introduced certificate course in ‘Media and Social Work’ for MSW first year students in the year 2021.

Objectives of the Course

  • To understand the basics of Media and its various forms.
  • To give in-depth knowledge of news design, reporting and media laws.

Certificate Course In Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


Duration : 6 Months (32 Hours)

Status : Part Time

Course Description: The particular course on Corporate Social Responsibility introduces for the MSW second year students for the basic concept of CSR. It helps students to understand how cooperate can meld business goals with social expectations. It can also help society to understand how interest of business on organization and society at large can be aligned.

Objectives of the Course

  • To examine the scope and complexity of CSR.
  • To understand the the stake holder approaches.
  • To evaluate the level of commitment to CSR of different organisations and shows its competitive advantages.

Curriculum Enrichment Programmes

Induction Programmes
INSPIREInduction ProgrammeMSWI Sem
ENTHUSEInduction ProgrammeBSWI Sem
Exposure VisitsInduction ProgrammeMSW/BSWI Sem
Tribal/Rural CampState LevelMSW/BSWI Sem
Field Action ProjectsState levelMSWIII Sem
Training programmes
DateTrainingsVenue/Practical AreaCollaborative AgencyCategoryOutcome/
17/10/2016- 21/10/2016Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA)Edamunda Trbal Colony,Mananthawady, WayanadWayanad Social Service Society (WSSS)MSWI SemSocial Analysis
15/08/2017-19/08/2017Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA)Kollam Kadavu Tribal Colony, AttappadyAttapady Social Service Society (ASSO)MSWI SemSocial Analysis
10/12/2018-15/12/2018Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA)Thankassery Fort Harbour- Coastal Area,KollamQuilon Social Service Society(QSSS)MSWI SemSocial Analysis
24/11/2019-29/11/2019Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA)Vengara Rural Colony, Kollamkode, PalakadAashrayam Rural Development Society, PalakadMSWI SemSocial Analysis
25/12/2020-28/12/2020Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA)Different Wards of Irinjalakuda MunicipalityIrinjalakuda MunicipalityMSWI SemSocial Analysis
Academic Camps Organized 2013-2018
15/03/2013(6 Days)TribalKollamkadavu, Agaly Grama Panchayath
10/10/2014(6 Days)TribalPorlom,Thondarnadu Grama Panchayath, Mananthawady
10/03/2014( 7days)TribalKollamkadavu,Agaly Grama Panchayath Attappady
26/10/2015( 6 days)TribalPeermade, Iduki
27/05/2015(3 Days)RuralVellangallor Grama Panchayath
09/02/16(3 Days)TribalAttappady, Agaly Grama Panchayath
17/10/2016(5 Days)TribalEdamunda Colony, Mananthawady
23/01/2017(3 Days)TribalVazhachal, Athirappilly Grama Panchayath
15/08/2017(5 Days)TribalKollamkadavu, Agaly Panchayath
Camps Organized- 2013-2018 ‘Changathikootam’- CSP (Community Strengthening Programme for Children)
Date(2 days)VenueCollaboration
19/05/2013Dolls Club, IrinjalakudaIrinjalakuda Municipality
29/05/2015Community Hall, VellangalloorVellangalloor Grama Panchayath
30/05/2015Samskarikanilayam, PudukadPudukad Grama Panchayath
11/07/2015APGHS Schhol, Alagappa NagarAlagappa Nagar, Grama Panchayath
25/07/2015GLPS, KodakaraKodakara Grama Panchayath
29/05/2015Kudumbasrre Hall, AloorAloor Grama panchayath
29/03/2015Boys MGHS, School, IrinjalakudaIrinjalakuda Municipality/ Kudumbasree
13/08/2016SN Trust Hall, KodakaraKodakara Grama Panchayath
13/08/2016Govt. H.S KattoorLions Club Kattoor, Katoor Grama Panchayath
10/09/2016Block Panchayath Hall, PudukadPudukad Grama Panchayath
17/09/2016GUPS, KonathukunnuRotary Club, Kodungallor, Vellanagallor Grama Panchayath
10/09/2016Kudumbasree Hall, AloorAloor Grama Panchayath/ Kudumasree
10/09/2016Govt. UP School, AnandapuramMuriyad Grama Panchayath
16/09/2016APHSS, Alagappa NagarAlagappa Grama Panchayath
07/07/2017Kidangathu Hall, KodakaraKodakara Grama Panchayath
Non Academic Camps Organized 2013-2018
DateNature of CampVenueCollaboration
22/03/2014Kidney Disease DetectionParameswaran Hall, MalaMala Grama Panchayath, LISSIE Hospital , Ernakulam, Kidney Federation of India, Thrissur
01/03/2014Eye CampGovt.U.P School, ChoorakattukaraAdatt Grama Panchaytah/ L.F Hospital Angamaly
12/04/2015Medical CampKandalaserry, GuruvayoorHealth Dept. Kandalassery
04/08/2016Eye CampL.P School, ThiruthiparambuEye Vision Hospital/AVARD Chalakudy
31/12/2017Eye CampVivekananda Samskarika Nilayam, ParikkadAdatt Grama Panchayath/ Eye Vision, Koorkanchery
28/10/2017Breast Cancer Check UpAmala Hospital , ThrissurAmala Hospital , Thrissur
25/02/20018Blood DonationCentury Arts and Sports Club , Adatt PanchayathDistrict Hospital, Thrissur
28/01/2018Eye CampHSSS, Alagappa NagarLions Club, Irinjalakuda
NETRA Eye care centre, Irinjalakuda
13/03/2018Blood DonationThekkumoola, Evuprasya Training College, KattoorIMA Blood Bank/ Kattoor Grama Panchayath
09/03/2018Eye CampCommunity Hall, KonathukunnuNetra Dept, Kodungallor Thaluk Hospital
25/02/2018Eye CampSt.Joseph’s School MathilakamAhalya Foundation, Kattungachira
10/03/2018Eye CampCommunity Hall, PerinjanamAhalya Foundation, Kattungachira


‘SAMASTHA’- St.Joseph’s Social Work Students Association

SAB- Student Administrative Body

KAPS (Kerala Associations of Professional Social Workers)

Extension activities

‘GREEN MARVEL’ -Environment Protection Activities

‘Mobile Community Library’ (Child Development Project)

CSB (Community Strengthening Programmes) for Women, Children and Adolescents

Consultancy services


Social Analysis

Anti Narcotic Cell in collaboration with Excise Department, Irinjalakuda

Red Ribbon Club in association with AIDS Control Society, Trivandrum



RADAR (Response at Development and Research)

Department of Social Work