Strategic Plan

The strategic plan of an educational institution acts as a starting point giving it directional instructions on its route to success. It is a well-defined realization of the attributes that the institution carries as it walks its way towards a desired goal. In the case of St. Joseph’s College (Autonomous), Irinjalakuda, the visionaries commenced this educational adventure with the mission of educating young women and making them competent to thrive in a constantly fluctuating world. As part of this endeavour, a ten-year strategic plan was diligently formulated to estimate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges faced enroute its honourable journey of educating young minds towards liberation and self-accomplishments. The primary need for developing a strategic plan was to prepare the grounds for the institution in developing a sustainable edge for the students to lean upon in this competitive world of opportunities and without a properly armoured plan, the institution realises the constraints in focussing its attempts towards a certain direction. Hence, considerable efforts were streamed towards the development of this feasible strategic plan. The strategic plan provided below gives an overall view of what the institution can accomplish in future, what is being accomplished in the present and how it has overcome the hurdles for the accomplishments of the past. The college pledges that this strategic plan shall serve as the institutional ladder for the progression and upliftment of all the people connected to the institution.

Implementation of the strategic plans

Having an efficient and practical strategic plan provides a route map for directing the combined efforts towards a common cause leading to a better probability of achieving the same. St. Joseph’s College (Autonomous), Irinjalakuda has devoured attempts at structuralising a ten-year strategic plan and has been combining efforts from all the realms for the realizations of the same. This takes into consideration the means and modes of operation as well as delivers a concept on the strengths and shortcoming of the academy giving a perception on the roads to travel in future streamlined by the vision and mission of the institution. The IQAC plays an unbeatable role in the execution of this strategic plan with its constant monitoring for quality perseverance and directional guidance for administration of beneficial activities. Improving the teaching-learning experience in the institution was one of its primary goals towards this end. Beyond the academic proficiency, the IQAC strived to impart a holistic learning environment envisioning the mission of the institution through frequent struggles in introducing novel technological inputs as well as rendering all round development of the students with the delivery of social values and life skills. As part of this initiative, advanced digital devices and softwares became a part and parcel of the learning environment, non-academical activities emerged as capacity enhancers of the students and adequate efforts manoeuvred in training the students to design their career map making them future ready.