Yoga Centre

Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self”      

-The Bhagavad Gita

A beneficial practice that exclusively belonged to our nation and imbibes the aura of our culture and tradition, Yoga becomes a stress buster by aiding in maintaining the delicate balance of mind and body. Adapting yoga as a lifestyle nourishes the well-being of an individual through ritualistic discipline in practice. A stable mind and clarity in thought are some of the rarest found virtues that cannot be easily attained. From overcoming physical weakness to attaining higher grounds of intellectual abilities, yoga has some of the most revered methods of self-development and liberation. St. Joseph’s College provides an exceptional means to relieve the pressures of this chaotic world through the Yoga classes initiated by the Department of Physical Education.  It is a journey embarked upon the notion of bringing the rarely achieved emotional and physical stability to its participants. The college engages in its Yoga endeavours by possessing exceptional facilities that promote rejuvenating learning experience of Yoga through

  • A fully furnished spacious Yoga room with adequate windows that support good air circulation enhancing the feel-good environment during the sessions.
  • Technological assistance to perform online yoga sessions through video conferencing and delivering high quality recorded yoga classes expanding its benefits to overcome the barriers of time and space.
  • The availability of a dedicated and verified yoga guru to enshrine in the students with horizons of this therapeutical practice promising mental and physical wellness.
  • Comfortable and high-quality yoga mats provided in adequate numbers from the department for the students enables convenient hands-free travelling.
  • Safe and spacious changing rooms with the facility to safely store the belongings of the students
  • Regular and scheduled online/offline/blended modes of yoga classes that accommodate students of any age and capability.

The college understands the prominence of engaging in this healing practice as it realises that the citizens of this world are in desperate need for a restorative lifestyle routine that can offer not just physical progress but also help them in uncovering the potentials of their mind through meditations.  The students of the college are given proper awareness and regular practical sessions to convey the benefits of inculcating yoga as a lifestyle. Apart from that, the Physical Education Department offers the aspirants a certified course on yoga in online/offline/blended modes of instructions. The course program offers the students wide coverage on the vast realms of Yoga and can help them to take their understanding of this traditional practice to a deeper and more advanced level. The college and the various student units like NSS and NCC functioning in the college take keen interest in celebrating the National Yoga Day in the campus and organising sensitising programs like seminars, competitions and publications thereby instilling the values of this invigorating age-old practice among our students with the hopes that the roots of our past are revered and revived with its utmost potentials.